“Florilège” means a collection of beautiful poems like flowers.
These poems are made by warm hearted people.
Our restaurant is also a collection of respect and passion by the producers and chefs, and also warm support by others.

Our restaurant, “The second chapter of Florilège” opened with a desire to make our customers happy through the experience of our meals. We hope that our food will leave you with some new insight.

There are 11 thoughts into each dish. Our chefs deliver meals to each customer, so that the customer know the background of the ingredients, seasonal aspects of the meal, and Japanese food culture.
The chefs bring out the best in the ingredients from the Mother Nature or various producers. The meals are made with a variety of sophisticated techniques and presented in beautiful Japanese plates and bowls.

I hope you will feel delighted not only by the fantastic flavor of the meal, but also the thoughts by our chefs.

Hiroyasu Kawate